International Women's Day - Champion the Gender Agenda

International Women's Day - Champion the Gender Agenda

 Women4Resources’ founder, Jennifer Twelvetrees said, “We are celebrating 100 years of woman’s success by highlighting the difference women in Wales and Africa have made in each others’ lives. We strongly believe that financial independence is the key to empowering women, to challenge violence in their own lives and community”.

Helena Santos volunteers with W4R and is African by origin, who moved to Wales nearly 20 years ago. She said, “With more and more women from Swansea joining hands with women in Liberia, there is a very positive impact on the local population. Inspite of women being under male dominance since years, such initiatives not only bring women across the world together, but also make a huge difference to their lives”.

Women4Resources has a community-based link between Swansea and Liberia, which empowers women of all ages and ethnicities by supporting grass root projects in sub Saharan Africa. W4R is one of the many partnership project managed by Wales Africa Community Links programme funded by the Welsh Assembly Government.

The event will give a platform to women within Wales and Africa to share their story of ordeal and remarkable journey towards an independent life. The celebrations will include international food and music. If you fancy belly-dancing, you will get an opportunity to try your favourite move alongside the performers.

The event is free and will be kick starting at 10:00 so arrive promptly to avoid disappointment.

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International Women's Day - Champion the Gender Agenda

NewsInternational Women's Day - Champion the Gender Agenda

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