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Wales Africa Community Links secure funding to channel into third sector organisations and projects with the explicit aims of supporting organisational development , skills and knowledge sharing. We support Welsh groups to develop fundraising and grant application skills, and to secure match funding to grow their activities. An example of a succesful project invoing raising awareness with the community of the important of Africa's rich diamond deposits and the importance diamonds make both to the local economy and also to the broader global economy. With thanks for the support for this activity to Samara James engagement rings specialists who were instrumental in contributing to this valuable project.

Wales Africa Link Grants

Development Support

Finding Funds

WACL secure and disperse on behalf of Welsh Government, a small grants fund of £60,000 annually that supports Welsh charities and community based organisations to professionally develop through the steps of the UN Gold Star Framework.

The application process is designed to build the funding knowledge and capacity of groups to access grants from larger funders or donors / foundations. We also bid for and seek to secure income from other sources towards themed project funds, such as Clean Energy grants.

To date we have secured and dispersed over £1/2 million of funding to the Welsh international sector.

WACL offer over the phone and 121 development support on funding to groups throughout Wales.

This includes tailored training modules on Community Fundraising and Grant Management for international projects.

WACL supporting linking groups to pursue community fundraising, public donations, trusts and foundations.

In 2012-13 WACL network members collectively generated £1,550,000 match funding towards Africa linking projects.


WACL produce and update WCVA’s International Funding Briefing, which goes out to organisations and volunteers bureaux throughout Wales. This covers:

  • Trends in International Development Funding
  • Your Fitness for Funding
  • Individuals and Community Fundraising
  • Trusts and Foundations
  • Wales-based public funding sources
  • UK public funding sources
  • European Funding sources

Alongside the Hub, we facilitate relationships with grant funders including Comic Relief, Lottery, DfID, the European Commission, ERASMUS, British Council, Waterloo Foundation, Gwirvol, Health Links, Fairtrade Wales, Size of Wales.



> Applying for a Grant

> Accessing Advice

> Researching Funding

Please read the appended guidance notes, eligiblilty and activities criteria before starting any application. You can also view the grant panel's scoring assessment form to understand what they are looking for in your application.

As the current WACL programme ends in March 2015, we can now only accept applications (until September 2014) from established link projects who are working with one of our Development Officers (see right). 

Volunteer Exchange Grants - up to £2,000. Complete sections 1-6 only of the form below. 

Skill Sharing Project Grants - up to £4,000. Complete sections 1-8 of the form below. 

Collaborative (Multi-organisation) Grants - up to £5,000. Complete sections 1-8 of the form below. 

Clean Energy Project Grants - up to £8,000. No further grant rounds in 2014-15.

Reporting against a Grant

These should be sent to on completion.

You can view here the full WCVA / WACL grant terms and conditions.



Development Support

You can contact the Wales Africa Community Links team for advice:

If appropriate, we can arrange a Development Officer support visit to meet with your organisation's trustees / volunteers to work through your specific challenges.

Training Courses

Through the Wales International Development Hub - visit 

We coordinate our development support, training and advice alongside other partner networks in the Welsh International Sector. If you voluntary group is engaged in the following sectors of linking, contact:

Wales Africa Health Links

Wales Africa Diaspora Links

Fairtrade Wales

Download below our most recently updated:

International Funding Briefing (Spring 2014)

We also recommend looking at the BOND Funding Guide

WCVA Funding Briefings 

This is one of a series of Funding Briefing sheets available from WCVA.


We can also offer you access to GrantNet, a free online funding search that can help identify suitable funding opportunities for your project.

Direct Links to most-searched International Funder Schemes:

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 Image - Volunteer - Caernarfon Zambia exchange.jpg

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